Saturday, September 16, 2006

Article: Overclocking Intel® Desktop Board D865GSA

I have reviewed this before in July and I didn't cover overclocking the board, primarily, I never have enough time. But having a few quality spare time in last month allowed me to get back to the board and play with it. Expand for more...

I will go straight to the point, this motherboard is not designed to be an overclocker. Nor is this a performance board, this is a value board designed to give low-budget consimers a chace to own a PC without breaking the wallet. This is also a board that will allow upgrading to newer socket but still allowing older components such as AGP video cards, IDE peripherals, and DDR1 memory to be used. And in this one-pager update, I will not go thru any more hullaballo and just go straight to my findings.

Source:Overclocking Intel® Desktop Board D865GSA

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