Sunday, September 10, 2006

Press Release: ASUS Silent Square Pro CPU Cooler

This is really interesting, Asus*' PH site has this News posted on the main page while the Global, Taiwan, and Australia sites don't. Does it signal that PH is getting the attention it deserves when it comes to enthusiasts? Well, I hope so, and it's about time. The new cooler is really nice looking, though I haven't seen a review yet. Expand for more...

ASUS Silent Square Pro CPU Cooler Delivers Effective Heat Dissipation for Dual-Core Processors from Intel and AMD

Double Side Fins and Heat Pipe Technology Enable Large Heat Exchange Area and Powerful Cooling

Taipei, Taiwan; August 22, 2006 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), today announced the Silent Square Pro CPU cooler, which incorporated innovative features, including double side fins and five copper heat pipes, to deliver high-performance heat dissipation for dual-core processors from both AMD® and Intel®. Its superior cooling performance rivals those of water cooling systems.

For the Most Powerful Processors
The Silent Square Pro supports the latest Intel® Core™2 series, Pentium D Dual-Core CPU, Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 and Socket 478 processors as well as AMD’s Socket AM2/940/939/754, AthlonTM 64-FX, Athlon and SempronTM to provide an effective thermal solutions for the most powerful processing platforms to date.

Fast heat dissipation - Double side fin and 5 copper heat pipes
The Silent Square Pro incorporated a double side fin design that included “wave-shaped” fins located on both sides of the cooler for larger heat exchange area. Five heat pipes made of copper, an effective heat conductor, efficiently transfer heat generated by the CPU to the fins, maintaining processor temperature at levels most suitable for high-performance and stable computing

Voltage regulation module protection
The voltage regulation shield inside the cooler directs airflow created by the 9cm fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules), which are critical to processor operation and overall system reliability. This unique design effectively reduces VRM temperature by 10-15˚C.

3-step installation
The patented retention module adopted is made specifically to enable easy cooler installation in three simple steps even without removing the motherboard from the system or memory modules from the board and regardless of the processor platform.
1. Place retention set on the motherboard
2. Place cooler over the CPU.
3. Lock cooler with spring clip

ASUS Fan Speed Control Kit
The Silent Square Pro comes with the Fan Speed Control Kit. It is designed for 3.5” drive bays and is compatible with most of the chassis in the market. With the Fan Speed Control Kit, users can adjust fan speeds with a control knob and see the actual speed on the LCD to conveniently achieve a balance between performance and the acoustics.

Specification summary

CPU support

Intel® Core™2 Extreme/Core™2 Duo
Pentium® D Dual-Core CPU
Intel Pentium® 4 HT
Intel Celeron® D
AMD Athlon™ 64 FX/X2 Dual-Core CPU
AMD AthlonTM 64
AMD Sempron™

Cooler dimension

120(L) x 105(W) x 158(H)mm, 745g



Heat sink material

Dual-side aluminum fins + copper base + 5 copper heat pipes

Fan dimension

92 x 92 x 25mm

Fan speed

2,500 rpm ± 10%

Bearing type

Sleeve bearing

The Silent Square Pro is now available. For more detail information, please visit the ASUS homepage at

Source:ASUS Silent Square Pro CPU Cooler


Mvmajorem said...

Well, let me try to get my hands on the Pro version, already have the S2 version. The only difference is the design and speed of the fan. The sucky part is that I have to buy the darn thing. DM if you have any advise on what I can do to get demo units for review, it be great...

death_metal said...

Heya mate, not sure what you meant but I can't send you any demo version for review since I don't have one :)