Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tech Link (Platform): Dell XPS 700 - reviewed, dissected

The folks over at bit-tech just got their hands on with a new Dell* XPS 700 gaming system. And they didn't just test drive it, they rip it open and dissected the platform. It was a great showing of images and pics of the innards. Give them a visit to check out the full review, expand for more.

Dell created something of a storm when it unveiled its new range of gaming machines back at E3 this year (check our our report from the show). After some problems and delays with production, it is finally shipping systems to buyers, and we got our hands on one of the first out of the doors.

What makes this such an interesting product (aside from the Core 2 Duo chip and the fantastic styling) is that it has an NVIDIA nForce 590 chipset - which currently, NVIDIA says isn't released. We've seen the 570 hit Intel, but not SLI as of yet - well, Dell appears to have boards up and running.

Source:Dell XPS 700 - reviewed, dissected

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