Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brag: Omigosh, Birthday Time, 9months Anniversary today

It's that time of the month again where I brag about my ability to survive the long ordeal of posting FanBoyism stuff at this site which serves nothing but as my ego-boosting site, yay. So, if you have stayed with me thru the ups and downs, thank you very much. If you are one of the AMDroids who keeps posting crap comments, you suck. If you just happen to drop by, welcome to my site. In any case, I survive and that's what matters to me the most right now.

It was never an easy task. I know, I can always let it go, but my Blog site has served me a different purpose other than a FanBoy site. This lets me capture all the important details of technology that I care or cared about. This serves me as a quick reference, faster than how I can find info on Google.

I can quickly scan the features of the new Chipzilla uA. I can back track some old information. I can cross reference different news. So, even if I feel tired updating the site sometimes (umm, make that a lot of times), I still want to keep this going. I always liked technology, but sometimes, they are just getting into my nerves lately. Whatever free time I have, I spend with my kids so that takes away time for myself I guess.

In any case, thanks for visiting the site and I wish I can reach my first year birthday before I close shop.

And oh, the obligatory hits = 32,326 to date. Assuming 31days/month for 9mos, that's 115.86hits per day. Not bad :). So long and till next time.

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