Monday, September 04, 2006

Press Release: VisionTek™ Introduces First Retail RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI in North America

I really loved this Press Release. The only thing that I don't like is that, this video card will be released only in North America. I mean, hey, I'm not a gamer but I do play games from time to time, and sometimes, on a machine that doesn't have a PCIe x16 slot. I hope some of the cards eventually trickle down here, so I can go grab one and light up the eyes of my kids still using a PC based on Intel® Pentium® !!! 933GHz with on-board graphics on a motherboard I don't even remember the model :). Anyway, expand for the full Press Release.

First ATI based PCI Graphics Upgrade in over Two Years

Inverness, IL June 2, 2005 - VisionTek™ Products, LLC, a supplier of advanced PC graphics cards, memory solutions and PC accessories, today announced the launch of their new RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI PC graphic card. Available now on the shelves of Circuit City, CompUSA, and Fry’s Electronics, as well as from the following leading e-commerce sites,,,,,,, and

VisionTek, a “Premium Retail Partner” of ATI for North America, has created a new standard of excellence and value for retail consumers. “Everyone in PC industry has been saying the standard PCI upgrade for graphics cards was dead for the last few years.” Remarked Jeff Hoeft, Sr. director of product development for VisionTek. “In fact, what we have experienced is growing demand for PCI graphics upgrades, because the PCI card works in all PCs…Past, Present and Future.”

The VisionTek RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI is designed to deliver an unparalleled performance and value combination in today’s graphically demanding and shader-intensive DirectX® 9 / OpenGL applications. Avivo™ technology available on the RADEON®™ X1300 PCI card produces ultra vibrant colors, sharp images, and the smoothest video playback ever offered by ATI. Full shader model 3.0 support delivers new high dynamic range visual effects, enhanced realism with adaptive anti-aliasing and lightning fast performance. Supporting dual monitors is a perfect opportunity to run side-by-side applications and maximize your productivity. Add additional VisionTek RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI cards to your PC and drive four or more monitors at the same time. The VisionTek RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI also provides HDTV component support via our s-video output to enable a PC to HDTV connection. For more in depth specifications on the VisionTek RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI, please visit the following dedicated product page

VisionTek™ Products, LLC has focused on filling demand in the retail market over the last six months by being first to market with exceptional quality graphic products. “We’re continuing to see significant demand for PCI graphic upgrade cards,” commented Michael Innes, Executive Vice President of VisionTek™ Products. “If our sales and marketing team identifies a clear demand, we will work night & day to fill the void and make it available at our leading retailer partners in North America.”

Source:VisionTek™ Introduces First Retail RADEON®™ X1300 256MB PCI in North America

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