Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tech Link (Cooler): Scythe Infinity HeatPipe CPU Cooler

After the success of their Ninja series, Scythe* seems to be unrelentless in developing newer, bigger, better coolers. It could be because they are already feeling the pressures from competition, namely, Thermalright*, Thermaltake* and Zalman* to name a few. Let's just hope they'll be affordable, as the massive 10-heatpipe cooler is nothing short of a monster cooler.

The Scythe SCINF-1000 is a huge cooler. Scythe themselves have a huge reputation to live up to. Will the Scythe Infinity match that reputation and perform well when used with a Conroe CPU? I take it to the test in the following review and see how it fares.

Scythe have made quite an impression of late in the cooling market. Their line of CPU coolers are really (pardon the pun) "hotting up" the heatsink market. With some great designs and more than a couple of heatpipes, enthusiasts are really digging what Scythe are all about.

Source:Scythe Infinity HeatPipe CPU Cooler

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