Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Quad-core Xeon Details Unveiled

AMDTech puts out a new information on the brand spanking new server processors with four cores. I am not really sure I am going to use all this power, but suffice it to say, that my FanBoyism knows no bounds and the AMDroids can only wish that they will have something to go against this monster. Expand for more and drool over..

"Kentsfield" and "Clovertown" Xeons around the corner

Intel is planning to release quad-core Kentsfield based Xeon 3000 seriesprocessors. The new Xeon X3220 and X3210 processors will be identical to the recently named Intel Core 2 Quadro processors and share the same Kentsfield core.

There will be no architectural or socket differences between desktop Core 2 Quadro and Xeon X3000 series processors, with the exception of product placement and marketing. The new Xeon X3220 and X3210 processors will arrive clocked at 2.4 and 2.13 GHz with a 1066 MHz front-side bus respectively. Both Kentsfield Xeon X3000 processors will feature 8MB of L2 cache. Expect the Intel Xeon X3220 and X3210 to arrive in Q1’07 for $851 and $690 in 1,000-unit lots.

Source:Quad-core Xeon Details Unveiled

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