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Tech Link (Overclock): Intel Kentsfield quad-core overclocked to 5.25Ghz!

A friend of mine has been nagging me to death so I am forced to post this oldie. I missed posting this last week, but I guess it can't be helped to just post it now since, well, I don't like getting reminded again. Not that it's bad, I just feel it's a bit too old, and if I play hocus-pocus and changed the date of posting, it wouldn't matter at all because, it's eight(8) days old already. Anyway, just to keep to my namesake, I am still happy and more than obliged to post it because of total ownage in overclocking so expand to see the details.

Intel Kentsfield quad-core overclocked to 5.25Ghz
Written by Andreas G 01 September 2006 12:41

Kentsfield will be the first processor for the retail market with four processor cores. Intel's first quad-core processor is expected to arrive at the end of 2006 but the first engineering samples have been circulating among eager enthusiasts for some time now. Despite the fact that the processor is relatively immature and extra complicated with its four cores we've seen some impressive overclocks at close to 5GHz with this superprocessor. Now a Japanese overclocker known as kaz-n taken it all to a new level as he has pushed his Kentsfield E6700 from 2.66GHz to incredible 5.25GHz.

I.e. all four cores working at a speed over 5.2GHz. Ironically he has only performed a SuperPi 1M test at this speed, a test that doesn't even make use of two cores, and the result was mighty impressive; 9.86 seconds. It's the first time Kentsfield goes below 10 seconds with SuperPi 1M and then it's just one of the four cores which is really active. With these results it's pretty easy to understand why Intel has sped up the launch of Kentsfield, it doesn't seem to have any problems with making the four cores work together and at the same time doing so at high frequencies.

Motherboard: ASUS P5W DH   BIOS:0801
CPU: Kentsfield 2.66G
CPU cooling: LN2
Memory: Corsair 6400C3 1GB x2
Graphics card: Matrox Mille PCI
HDD: Maxtor 6L080P0
Power supply: Zippy-720PE
Vcore: 1.87V, Vdimm: 2.8V, Vio: 3.34V
OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
MEM: 3-3-3-4-15.6μs16T-25-5-9-8-7-4-4, 1:1 T-D

Picture from kaz-nBlog

Source:Intel Kentsfield quad-core overclocked to 5.25Ghz!

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