Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brag: "Dual Intel Clovertown 8 cores @ 2.66 Ghz benching now"

FanBoyz, ready, set, go and start salivating. Get a napkin to wipe off that drool too. This isn't just good on paper print out, nor is it any nice Powerpoint* file with pretty graphics. From the looks of it, this is the real thing! As early as this week, I have seen two instances of Clovertown in action. Expand for more..

This baby is a real monster. Do you know about Kentsfield? That four core next generation processor slated to be released Q4 of this year? That's just a taste of what's coming from Chipzilla. Kentsfield, that's like two Conroe XE in one package, can do Cinebench "Daylight" render in 10seconds, and Kentsfield needed to be overclocked to ~4GHz to reach that. Now, in comparison, Clovertown can complete it in the same time of 10secons but only with 2.66GHz clockspeed. Oh my goodness, imagine the clockspeed and memory speed difference between a four-core Kentsfield@4GHz vs a Clovertown@2.66GHz. This is just pure massive ownage.

FanBoyz, prepare your wallets! (Yes, with an "s"). And oh, here's another Clovertown linky (search for Clover Town 2.4G in that page).

Source:Dual Intel Clovertown 8 cores @ 2.66 Ghz benching now

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