Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tech Link (Overclock): Kinc reaches 16,000 points with 3DMark06

Another big win for the FanBoyz. It's great to see people having a great time using the World's Best Gaming Processor for pure total ownage. Each day that passed, check the review and it's easy to spot what owns the enthusiasts' hearts and sould. Go go Conroe! Expand for more...

The hunt for more and better overclocking results is constantly on here at NH and Kinc has now taken another big step with ATI's latest graphics card. Kinc has finally made it past 16,000 points with 3Dmark06. A result that no other ATI system has been even close to. The new ATI record is at 16 016 points and was set during anything but ideal circumstances. First of all, ATI's Radeon X1950 Crossfire card is paired with an older Radeon X1900 XTX which clearly limits the performance. At the same time the cooling of the system has not been optimized for the conditions.

Our tired Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor is still cooled by a compressor cascade. Similar cooling was used on the X1900 XTX card while the cooling on the Radeon X1950 Crossfire has now been upgraded to liquid nitrogen. But the temperatures are far from extreme, the card has been cooled to mere -25°C. The reason is simply that Kinc hasn't voltmodded the card yet. Changing the voltage through software has turned out to cause great difficulties with the X1950 series. Thanks to the massive mousepot which was used with the X1950 Crossfire you can keep the temperature in good control when using liquid nitrogen, which of course tends for some nice results the coming days.

Yesterday another X1950 graphics card arrived in our test lab, a PowerColor X1950 XTX which together with the current Crossfire card and two beafy mousepots will make wonders. Kinc has no intention of stopping before ATI is the king of the 3Dmark06 hill and this despite the fact that ATI's graphics cards are not as fast with this tests than NVIDIA's equivalents. If everything goes as planned Kinc will be cooling the entire system with liquid nitrogen in a few days and then we will most likely have som mighty impressive results to show off. But 16 016 points is hardly something to be ashamed of when the next best ATI system is located at 13 804 points.

CPU: X6800 @ 4685MHz
CPU cooling: Compressor cascade at -95°C
Master card: ATI X1950 CF @ 840/1143MHz (Mousepot LN2 at -25°C)
Slave card: ASUS X1900 XTX @ 882/873MHz (compressor cascade at -80°C
Memory: Corsair 6400C3 3-3-2-5 426MHz
Motherboard: ASUS P5W DH
PSU: Cooltek 600W

Source:Kinc reaches 16,000 points with 3DMark06

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