Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): Intel pledges 80 cores in five years

Umm, ok, I don't know what to say. For sure, FanBoyism wise, 80cores is great. For sure, it has its place with high end computing and when I say high end, it's the stuff that scientists do, you know, the geek people and not just your high-end gamer. I would have preferred lesser cores but hey, I'm just a simple desktop FanBoy so I am limiting myself here. In any case, if you are ready for some info, go ahead and expand this article posted over at c|net News.

CEO Paul Otellini held up a silicon wafer with the prototype chips before several thousand attendees at the Intel Developer Forum here Tuesday. The chips are capable of exchanging data at a terabyte a second, Otellini said during a keynote speech. The company hopes to have these chips ready for commercial production within a five-year window.

Intel uses its twice-yearly conference to educate developers on its long- and short-term plans. Over three days, hardware developers and partners get a chance to interact with Intel employees and take classes on new technologies.

Source:Intel pledges 80 cores in five years


Jercouzen said...

i'm sure our boys at Intel are working on a good use for this prototype.. if they can fit 80 cores in 1 package, then they can put all sorts of things in it as well, not just 80 of those simple FP cores.. just imagine having like a hybrid multi-core, where a processor package could contain like 8 general purpose cores (like what we have now) 16 FP units, 16 physics units, and add in whatever type of specialized processor the market will demand by then :P

So by then, when we buy our Intel procs, we won't have to worry about buying physics accelerators and all those other things that go for $400++.. hehe :)

It's great news for Intel fanboys everywhere :D

death_metal said...

Yeah, that's the idea I guess, ensuring we have processors doing specialized task. However, software needs to catch up. Right now, we have four cores on the near horizon and "day to day" software we used are yet to be optimized. We need vendors to be more creative like Chipzilla.

"Hey, we have four cores, Windows XP is optimized for two cores, let's use the other two cores for other tasks such as Physics for games or preloading other stuff in the background faster than the user can click (or even think about) it." - YAY!