Monday, September 25, 2006

Brag: My Merom

Oh well, being so busy is such a blessing and a curse. It ensures that I still have a job, and it also ensures that I don't have time for my hobby, yay! So I guess, I prefer my job than my hobby so yeah, that's it. Anyway, I am playing with some Merom lovin' build.

It's a nice little system. It's not so small really, it's a Merom on a full ATX board. I'll post more information as soon as I have some time. I even put it in Crossfire mode and played some serious games such as FarCry and Doom3 (yeah, old titles). I haven't tried Oblivion but I am guessing it will be ok as far as memory, cpu and motherboard is concerned but I am not sure about my Crossfire GPU.

So till next posting, standby for my short write up, assuming, I manage to squeeze some time.


Jercouzen said...

lovely processor :)

and i noticed you took the CPU-Z validation shot while at minimal FID.. hehe.. :)

but you did mention it's on a full sized ATX mobo.. so does that mean you'll include some OC results on your next write up? hehe..

and again, a really nice setup you got there.. happy tweaking :)

Jercouzen said...

hmm.. i also noticed you're running DDR2-667 at 533 speeds.. what's up with that? why not go 1:1 instead? planning to overclock? hehe :D

death_metal said...

Ok, nice catch there on the details :). Yeah, I did took it when the CPU is doing it's throttling to save power so I cheated a bit and submitted a new CPU-Z hehe.

As for the RAM timing, I really didn't tweak it. I just put it there and boot it up. It's all about the motherboard working up with the RAM, setting things automatically.

I'll try to do more tests in the future, I hope I can post it soon.

Jercouzen said...

hehe.. i've been all for mobile processors on desktops ever since Dothan came out :D

and you gotta love Intel's flex memory.. now we can run dual channel even when using different memory sizes.. i bet your results will turn out great :)

death_metal said...

It seems like you're with Chipzilla system for quite some time already, that's nice to hear (of course, from a FanBoy perspective, yay).

Dothan paved the way for Mobile on Desktop computing, and it has brought great performance/watt during its time. Not only that, the acoustics/noise level to performance ratio is also top notch. The only thing missing back then is support for better memory since Dothan is only supported on select motherboard, but mostly popular with DFI and Asus' adapter.

Now, we have all the performance, and all the bangs and whistles offered by chipset to supercharge the processor :). It's just a matter of making these motherboards get to bottom down pricing =)

Jercouzen said...

actually i'm an Intel and NVidia fanboy.. hehe.. so i'm waiting for NVidia's "official" support for Conroe.. i want a dual 16-lane NForce chipset that can bust that 400MHz cap.. hehe :)

death_metal said...

Ahhh, NVIDIA, so do you plan on going SLI then? If not, Intel chipset is still always the best for Intel processor when it comes to stability and overclocking capability =)...

Jercouzen said...

i'm already on SLI.. i need a good NForce chipset to migrate my busted-ass prescott rig to conroe.. my initial plans was just a C2D on a mid-range board, like a P5NSLI.. but such a long time has passed that i now have enough money to get an enthusiast mobo.. if official C2D support takes any longer for NVidia, i'll end up getting a mainstream C2Quad right smack on Q1 2007.. if the price is reasonable, of course.. LOL.

if i run out of patience then i'll prolly get a Gigabyte DQ6 (P965, 12-phase power, quad-ready), give up on SLI and rely on a single card setup instead.. but i'll still get an NVidia based card.. hehe :D

death_metal said...

The good thing with SLI set up is that you have a "hot spare", that is, you already have a working video card. In case it broke down, or you wanted to bring up a new rig, it's easier to test or at least, "tide you over" with a single-vcard solution for each PC till such time you are ready to upgrade again.

I always look at SLI beyond the "dual card for powerful gaming" but more of a "back up" solution and "what ifs".

I did use SLI (unofficially) with D975XBX and it works great with 2x7600GT. I'm more of an NVIDIA guy as well when it comes to videocard, I love their features and they way they innovate.

Gigabyte 965series are great motherboards. You should really get one and a conroe too. Q1'2007 is way too long for quad core system. Besides, software support such as OS, games and application may still take some time before they really make full use of the four cores so going Conroe dual core right now is not really a bad idea :)

Jercouzen said...

maybe i'll take that advice.. hehe.. that Gigabyte DQ6 looks so tempting.. :P and i'll need an L26 conroe.. those things are hard to come by here in my country.. all the stores are selling L24 :/

and wow, you got SLI to work on a bad axe? that's cool.

of course, i have to second that about the 7600GT.. it's great, and i think it's the best price vs. performance card in the NVidia arsenal.. that is, until the 7900GT crosses below the $200 mark, which may take a few more months :P

and man, all that news from IDF 2006 makes me oh so.. what's a bigger word for uber-excited? lol :D