Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Quad Cores: Intel Kentsfield Preview

AMDTech is on a reviewing spree of Chipzilla processors. They have soon turned colors again, from Green to Blue, you know, like how "balimbing" always does. In any case, they are still marked as AMDTech judging at how they used to throw stones against Chipzilla, always saying how FSB is a bottleneck bla-bla.

If anything, it is A* that has not improved much, just "bolting" the memory controller is not enough and Chipzilla proves that even with the "bottlenecked" FSB (yeah, right), processors can still do a lot lot better. Watch out for even more performance improvement features from Chipzilla, such as this Quad Core!!!! Don't worry FanBoyz, I'll post one up too, it's just that my Bad Axe 2 motherboard is giving me headaches (ha, the fun working with engineering samples). Expand for more...

Closing Thoughts

With only a 266MHz difference in clock speed, the new Core 2 Extreme QX6700 isn't too hard of a choice to make. When Intel introduces a lower cost 2.40GHz Core 2 Quad version, things may get a little more complicated, but at the very high end we would rather have four slightly slower cores than two slightly faster cores. We expect that there will be some improvements in multitasking performance, especially if you have a decently fast I/O setup, and don't forget the performance boost you'll get in well threaded applications.

The first quad-core CPUs will be available in November of this year, with more affordable offerings being introduced early next year. Building on top of the already excellent performance of Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, Intel's quad-core solutions will offer a very attractive upgrade path for those users that have invested in the right motherboards today. We're currently working on putting together a list of all currently shipping motherboards that will support Kentsfield to best help you plan for a more upgrade-friendly machine, and we will have the initial list available later today.

Source:Quad Cores: Intel Kentsfield Preview

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