Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tech Link (Gadget): USBCell, rechargeable battery via USB

USBCell is such a very cool innovation I've seen so far. A rechargeable battery, and all you have to do is plug that same battery via your USB port. This is really neat. I still rechargeable batteries on my LED-based flashlights, as well as some gadgets and this will make charging an easy one. No need for a separate cradle for charging these batteries. Only caveat, availability is only for UK. Expand for more...


* Battery Type
* Rechargeable AA NiMH Battery 1.2v 1300mah

* Product Specifications
* Built in Intelligent Charger

* Charge by powered USB

* Also can be charged in approved NiMH Chargers


* Battery Chemistry
* NiMH - Nickel Metal Hyrdride

* Technical Specifications
* 90%+ Charged after 5 Hours by powered USB

* Also rechargeable by approved NiMH charger at 250ma for 7 Hours

Source:USBCell, rechargeable battery via USB

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