Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Pushing Conroe Further : Intel’s Core 2 Extreme X6800

Another FanBoy-licking review! You just got to have to hand it to the new uA to rule the roost. No more denial, no more excuses, pure ownage at its best. Nothing beats this baby, nothing on the competition can touch this. Go give it a spin boyz! Expand for more....

The Final Word
It shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone at this point, but we’ll simply go ahead and say it. Intel’s Core 2 Extreme X6800 is the fastest desktop processor available today, bar none. The X6800 beats AMD’s top of the line FX-62 processor in every CPU benchmark, even when the FX-62 is running at overclocked speeds. In order to truly compete with the X6800, AMD would have to put out dual-core chips in the 3.6 – 4.0 GHz range, as Intel’s performance per clock is quite a lot better compared to the Athlon64 X2 product line. With AMD’s current manufacturing process technology, these kinds of clock speeds aren’t going to come about any time soon, which means Intel will likely hold the performance crown for the foreseeable future. It’s looking more and more like quad-core technology will be the savior of AMD on the desktop. However, if rumors are correct, Intel may even beat AMD to bring this technology to market as well.

Source:Pushing Conroe Further : Intel’s Core 2 Extreme X6800


Jercouzen said...

True, Intel may beat AMD to the punch.. coz Kentsfield-powered Core 2 Duos are slated for a Q1 2007 release, with pre-prod ES out Q4 2006.. but it's not really quad-core computing for the masses yet.. hehe.. coz it's meant to replace the X6800 as the flagship Core 2 Duo.. we won't be seeing quad-cores on the sub $300.00 range anytime soon :)

death_metal said...

I agree, Quad Core, being it, as Quad Core, is not yet ready for the masses. Like AMD's 4x4, it will be targetted to enthusiasts. However, the biggest challenge right now is software support. Without software, the other cores will just be under utilized. Let's hope Intel's strong influence (they are driving thread parallelism, and very very agressive with helping developers) drive quick development and acceptance of multi-core computing!