Monday, September 18, 2006

Tech Link (Game): Darkstar One Review

Fellow menyeks from PinoyPC put up a pretty nice one pager article game review. They are really putting up new articles regularly (though I don't know the timing) and so far, I haven't found nothing the I hate: yep, you gotta love those cool write ups. So why not give the site a visit and check out their latest article up for everyone. Expand for more...

Darkstar One went back to the basics, kept it simple, and throws the player right into action, without digging through a three hundred page manual or memorizing a multitude of hotkeys. The combat, however, becomes repetitive. Hyperjumping can become tedious and less enjoyable too, because the star systems look all the same, and there are no places to visit besides the trade station. Trading is too simple as well, and might be a turn off to those who love space trading, or X3’s dynamic economy. But if you’re itching to turn something into space dust, Darkstar One, coupled with an entertaining sci-fi story, is the game that will satiate your appetite for destruction.

Source:Darkstar One Review

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