Thursday, September 14, 2006

Brag: Wallpaper for the FanBoyz

I figure I need to brush up on my marketing zkillz, that is, if I can call it "skills", I guess it's more like trying hard to spice up my desktop. Positive comments are printed and framed and stored in the most secure place (if ever I do have such a place), constructive comments are welcome, and negative comments are ignored.

Why ignore negative comments? Hey, I am FanBoy so I'll call it "zkillz" and I'll just dismiss things I don't like, living up as a true FanBoy. And yes, AMDroids' comments will always never gets published (no, I didn't get this style from Rahul Suck's blog)

Last thing, I don’t publish comments from competitors pretending to be anonymous. Don’t waste your time, you know who you are.

Huh, and you thought I'm such a bad FanBoy! Anyway, click on the image to get the full version. Then save it in your temporary directory. You have full rights to use it as your desktop wallpaper, but no alteration is allowed. Enjoy...

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