Friday, September 29, 2006

Rant: Super Typhoon "Milenyo" (International Name: Xangsane) > Me :(

Crap, nationwide blackout ensures that I don't have power, hence, no connection to Internet. While my mobile phone is fully charged and can connect to the net, mobile operator's services are also down, making my mobile a cute paperweight (still useful as flashlight during the night). So yeah, I'll cheat a bit and make back-track posting to fill up the gap. However, expect slow update till I finally got everything back to normal. For now, mending the house and fixing broken house parts is top priority.

In case you are wondering how come I still made a posting today, well, I ran to the office to check email and send notice to my co-workers about my status. I figure, I'll post my updates here while I still can, yay!


Jercouzen said...

The typhoon got to you too huh? half the country's without power yesterday.. and we just got power back up only half an hour ago.. argh >.<

what's worse is that i used up all my battery operated devices last night.. before 9pm.. and after that it was hell.. lol.. so i had to sleep early :P

death_metal said...

Yeah, still no power and no water till now. I have to bring my kids to the Mall so that they won't get bored to death.

I would have preferred if they just go play outside the house, but as it is right now, with lots of "debris" because of the storm, the safest place is either inside the house, or visit the nearest mall.

So yeah, am posting on the "Net Kiosk" right now...blech, I hate "Malls", too noisy for my taste.