Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tech Link (SFF): Silence of the Shuttle Pentium M lunch box

I am surpised at tINQ, by their lack of rumor, side comments, sarcasm, and almost professional way of delivering a quick look to the system. I am not sure if it is because of the Valentines season, but it's good to have read an article from their site that is just purely focused on the item rather than mix and matching rumors and facts.

Shuttle ships aluminium based case in silver but the review unit was white. I have to say that it looks sexy in white. It should have left it in white for consumers as well. Thanks to mighty Intel we managed to get a CPU for this test and the nice company supplied us with a Pentium M 760 clocked at 2 GHz. I have the same CPU in the laptop I use. The only exception is that the laptop uses FSB 400 based Pentium M at 2 GHz while the one we used for XPC test works at 533 FSB. As it is slim and lite notebook that indicates that the CPU is rather chill. We didn’t have any problems mounting this 479 pin CPU inside and we remember that you had to screw the CPU in as it is usually meant for transportable systems.


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