Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tech Link (Display): "Roll up" Display, Pimpin' your Output Device

Dang, I am totally owned by this gadget. This is so fun to have, and so exciting to look at. Imagine walking out of the park, with your MoDT (Mobile on Desktop) in your one hand, and a rolled up display at your backpack. You sit down under the tree, pulled out your laser keyboard, powered up your MoDT and un-roll your display. Plus, you can use it as a table cloth and lay down your food while reading what's hot and new on the net! Omg! 0\/\/|\|@63

Universal Display Corporation is a leading organic light emitting device (OLED) technology developer with a broad intellectual property portfolio, years of experience in OLED research and development, and entrepreneurial management expertise. Our proprietary technologies and materials can provide OLED manufacturers and product developers with product differentiation and a competitive advantage. Phosphorescent, flexible, transparent and top emission OLEDs, to name a few, are important examples of Universal Display Corporation's core OLED technologies.

Universal Display Corporation's proprietary technologies promise to bring color to flat panel displays in ways previously unimagined. Envision products using thin, lightweight displays that use little power, provide easy-to-read, vibrantly colorful results, and even offer transparency and flexibility as novel features. These and other exciting OLED technologies are being readied for commercialization by Universal Display Corporation.

Source:Universal Display Corporation

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