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Tech Link (Gaming): "Periborg", Gadget For Serious Gamer

In my quest to find new controllers, I stumble upon this cool new inventions, with design called Periborg. Apparently, these tools will totally redefine the gaming experience of serious players. These are very nifty tools, bizzare indeed, but I'd love to test drive them. My friends thinks I'm a bit weird as well, so no wonder, these gadgest are very attractive to me.
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Our definition of 'controller' is too rigid," Eiji Morikawa says. So the 28-year-old electrical engineer dreamed up a line of bizarre accessories that would turn gamers into, er, superbeings. He calls his designs Periborg - part peripheral, part cyborg - and two of them (Ore-Commander and Shock-C) are on the market in Japan. Here's a peek at his products and prototypes, and how they might help mere mortals become high-scoring heroes. - Tim Rogers

Morikawa's Line of Game Gadgets
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Obacha-Break: Hang this air horn around your neck, and you can unleash a klaxon to disorient your opponents during multiplayer matches. Hardly sporting, but preferable to a humiliating defeat in King of Fighters.

Cocolo-Con: "Remember when you first played a game? Remember how excited you were, how you stayed up all night?" Morikawa writes on the Periborg site. "The Cocolo-Con is here to remind you of that." It does this by, uh, tracking heart rate and administering wrist massages.

Ore-Commander: What do trigger-happy old-school gamers want most? Faster firing capability. This thumb-mounted vibrator helps you pound buttons 20 times a second.

Shock-C: Why pause the action to eat? This utensil holder slips over two fingers and can be fitted with chopsticks or a fork and spoon. Your thumb is free to work a controller, which "never gets greasy," Morikawa says.

Electric-Wang Show: This unfortunately named device can display scrolling messages like "Looking for opponents" or "Bring me a Coke." It's a great way to communicate with other humans without looking up from your precious, precious game.

Source:Wired Magazine

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