Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Press Release: Verbatim Takes Printable Media to Next Level With New Glossy Inkjet Printable CDRs, DVD+/-Rs

If you still can't afford Lightscribe*-based DVD/CD Writers to make great prints on your DVD/CD, then maybe this alternative will be a great news for you. Verbatim* released this new Printable CDRs and DVD+/-Rs that promises great prints, comparable to glossy print papers that photographers use. Now, that's a definite wowser! (And come to think of it, I used to be a Verbatim* fan back in the 5.25 floppy disk days *yay*)

Verbatim Takes Printable Media to Next Level With New Glossy Inkjet Printable CDRs, DVD+/-Rs

ORLANDO, FL (February 27, 2006) – Verbatim Corporation, the market leader in premium-quality printable media, announced today a new family of glossy white inkjet printable 52X CDR and 16X DVD+/-R media. The new discs combine a shiny white printable surface and fast drying times with ultra-reliable, high-speed recording technology and broad read compatibility. With Verbatim’s unique glossy media, users can make their recordings look distinctive with vibrant, full-color images and crystal-clear text. The next generation of photo and video storage media were unveiled at the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) Convention which began here yesterday.

The new glossy discs feature an exceptional inkjet-printable surface that provides superior ink absorption and excellent drying properties. When combined with any color inkjet printer, users can print photo-quality images directly to the disc surface to customize their CDs and DVDs.

The new media will meet the needs of individuals and businesses that want to produce professional-looking one-off and limited run video, photo, music, and/or data discs for sharing with friends and family or sales distribution. By combining the ultra-reliability of Verbatim’s advanced CDR and DVD+/-R technologies with an innovative glossy inkjet-printable surface, users have the highest quality in both recording and print performance.

“Our new glossy discs have a high-sheen surface, similar to the glossy print paper photographers use,” explained Ron Hanafin, Verbatim Product Marketing Manager. “The glossy finish takes printable media to the next level by enabling the reproduction of exceptionally vibrant, high-resolution images and graphics that come alive.”


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