Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tech Link (Gadget): Yamaha USB Mixing Table (MW10/MW12) for the Digital Audiophile

A pretty cool lookin' new mixer from Yamaha*! The new MW10*/MW12* device promises to make mixing a simple matter, and targetted for music enthusiasts who wants their home into digital music mixing studio. The best feature I find for these gadget is that it plugs directly to USB and combining this with a known software from Steinberg*, the Cubase LE*.

Aside from the simple plugging of USB, the mixer works with both Microsoft* Windows XP* platform and Apple* MacOS X*. While the web info suggests that the minimum requirements is just a thin hair above Intel Pentium III 750Mhz with 128MB of RAM, I'd suggest a newer platform if only to compensate the users' overall experience with lots of storage capacity (and may I add, in RAID 0+1 configuration). The mixer can still operate with out a PC, i.e. stand alone operation, but for the total digital audiophile, the seamless USB connectivity plus Cubase LE* will be the uber set up.

I encourage you not only to check the hardware specs, but to check all the submenus of the item page. It shows lots of information, and I particularly like the Software section page (the 2nd to the last menu from the right). There are many shots from the Cubase LE* software, and I'm sure many of you will drool on the features it offers. There's also a block circuitry diagram, which for those who love tinkering and going on the lowdowns, might find interesting.


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