Monday, February 06, 2006

Press Release: Blueado Mini 5 Series

This is one media center that is not only small, but powerful. The system runs on Microsoft* Windows Media Center* and measures 4.2x7x12 inches. This kind of system is targetted to enhance the consumer's digital entertainment systems. The little machine also boast of very silent computing experience!

The Blueado Mini 5* not only comes with a very sleek design, but it is fully packed with lots of features, namely: 200GB of storage, DVD writer, TV Tuner, Dolby Digital Audio 5.1, USB 2.0, Firewire, and lots of video connectivity like S-Video, DVI, and VGA. I can not find the processor from the Blueado website, but according to I4U, it's an Intel® Pentium® M. I couldn't agree more, after all Intel® Pentium® M Processors are very powerful, quiet, and low power processor that is a perfect fit for such system.

Small and Silent.

The Blueado mini is 4.2 inches tall, just over 7 inches long and 12 inches in depth it's a perfect addition to your livingroom. You'll be able to enjoy watching a great game, or listening to digital audio surround sound from your digital cable box, or DVD without hearing your Blueado humm, that's because it's virtually silent. With all our Blueado’s we focus on design and style, to make sure that you never be distracted by the equipment in the living room.

250 Hours of High Quality Video!

With the m5e you don’t have to worry about running out of space easily. March Madness is coming up, don't miss a game, record the entire playoffs and have room to spare.Even if you aren’t a sports fan the m5e comes with enough space to record the entire season of your favorite television show, and then your next favorite television show, and the show after that. The Blueado m5e will still have enough space for hundreds of pictures, and thousands of MP3’s.

Create your own DVD’s from your favorite TV Shows

The m5e has a built in DVD recorder so you can record your all your favorte TV Shows like you used to do with your VCR. Creating your own DVDs by using just your Blueado Remote is very easy to do. You can even record your home movies to DVD with the Blueado Remote while sitting on your couch by hooking up your video camera. Edit your digital video tapes of your kids, organize them with the m5e, then burn them to DVD to send copies to the grand parents to watch.

Enjoy your Digital Television Signal.

You can send your Digital Cable or Satalite video signal into your Blueado Mini and record your digital tv so you can play watch those shows anytime you want, and when you record a movie with Digital audio you'll be able enjoy that same digital audio when you play back the recored movie, or tv show. The m5e gives you is entertainment you control.

Never-ending entertainment.

With all that power you can sit back and enjoy your Blueado any way you like. For example you can record a TV show while burning a slide show of family summer vacation. How about search for movies by actress while listening to internet radio, and at the same time you are recording a show for the kids to watch later. This flexibility is what gives you complete control of entertainment in a hassle free setting.


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