Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tech Link (Memory): Mushkin 2GB XP2-5300 3-3-3 Memory Review

Another enthusiast weapon, to beef up your uber rig. This memory, as per Mushkin*, is geared for overclockers and have a very big potential for overclocking headroom. I'd really love to own these sticks, but $$$ shortage prohibits me *yay*.

The Muskin PC2-5300 3-3-3 memory series is part of the Mushkin Extreme Performance Black Series (XP). The Mushkin Extreme Performance memory modules come with a black heat spreader to help eliminate localized hotspots, further enhancing lifetime and overclockability. As you can tell from the picture these are the new heat spreaders that Mushkin recently developed called frostbyte, which we talked about already in the article titled -- Innovation Finally Comes to Heat Spreaders.


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