Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Affordable Dual Core Solution For The Masses

Intel® released a new model of their dual core processor, the Intel® Pentium® D 805 processor that is very attractively priced. The move will bring the Dual Core revolution to an even broader range and depth of consumer. The processor is retailing at NewEgg for about $145.00 (or Php7,700), and has been sighted in Japan Akiba2Go site for about a similar price.

The new processor is based on the Prescott core, supports EMT64T, EIST, and XD. However, consumers wanting to port this to make a cheap Intel® Viiv™ solution will be dissapointed to know that this is not validated for such platform. The processor runs on a 533MHz bus, with 2.66GHz core frequency, with voltage feed of 1.25v-1.45v and will have around 95w of TDP.

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