Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rant: AMDTech Just Sucks

I still don't know why they review Chipzilla's chips if they all do is pertain how the other processor is better. Wow, they reviewed DDR2, even entitled it "Crucial Ballistix DDR2: The New DDR2 Standard?", and yet they seem to fail to understand that there's already DDR2-1000.

POS! All their benchmarks mean so little now, just look at some of the items I quote:

A remaining issue with Intel's 955 Extreme Edition processor is that the P4 Netburst architecture is still bottlenecked by its front side bus. Until Intel comes around to an integrated memory controller-type solution favored currently by AMD, it will be hard for them to be competitive on the memory latency front, as current generations of AMD processors have shown in a gaming or multi-tasked environment.

Bottlenecked? Really? Oh, you full of crap. If FSB is a bottleneck, then how about Banias and Dothan? Oh, you specify the Netburst, but then again, if you're really referring to Netburst, then why Until Intel comes around to an integrated memory controller-type solution is this posted. All current, and upcoming processors will still use FSB.

We have heard that the new Crucial DIMMs fare better on the upcoming AM2 platform, but until AM2 launches and we can test for ourselves, this is just speculation. AMD's new AM2 Athlon 64 memory controller will finally allow the use of DDR2 memory on the A64 platform, and the hope is the integrated DDR2 memory controller will finally allow DDR2 to run at the low latencies that will make DDR2 a compelling choice compared to DDR memory. In due time, we will have answers to these questions.

Oh really, "We have heard", so you like to use rumors as your basis now? Yeah, speculation my ass. If you aren't really sure, why post such fanboyism crap.


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