Friday, February 03, 2006

Tech Link (Coolers): Global Win Super Conductor or 180 Watt Cooler and Thermalright HR-01-775

It's a slow news day today, and I've been quite busy at work. Any way, I appreciate you all stopping by and seeing what FanBoy has to offer. So just to tide you over during this friday night, I'd post some nice new coolers that might be coming your way.
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Fresh from my InBox are two great coolers. I'd really love to get one for myself, any of the two will actually work for me. So get yourself busy and read 'em all up.

Global Win is a company that has quietly developed a loyal following myself included, with their various computer accessories, water cooling kits and heatsinks. Now they have increased their already large product line to include a new VGA water cooling kit, numerous power supplies, card readers, cases and of course one of the items that got them started and the one we are reviewing a heat sink. The heatsink we are looking at today is the first unit brought into the US so you're getting your first look at it right here. The unit goes by the name of the Global Win Model GP94NPHH Super Conductor or 180 Watt Cooler. As we look closer at it you will see that it is indeed a unique design and we will explore its performance with two different fans supplied to us by Global Win.


The arrival of a new product at Thermalright is always interesting for those which seek the best cooler for their processor.
It missed, in the current range of the products Thermalright, a passive solution of cooling for CPU. Here are which is made with the HR-01-775!
One understands by liability, a radiator able to evacuate the heat of the processor without requiring the use of a ventilator. Attention, this type of configuration counts all the same on a flow of sufficient air inside your case. For example, a ventilator in frontage which brings fresh air and a second with the back which evacuates the hot air. It is inconceivable to install a passive radiator on your processor without to have thought of that.


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