Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Intel to show off quad cores

Props goes to tINQ for releasing the info. I haven't seen this newsbit anywhere on the net so they are pretty fast about.

INTEL IS GOING TO show off functional quad-cores on Friday at an analyst meeting. The specific chip is going to be Clovertown, something we told you about a while ago.

Since the final silicon is more or less two Woodcrests on an MCM, speed and stability should be pretty good for a chip that isn't due out for another 12 months.

Intel has been hell-bent on not losing out to AMD on any more milestone releases, and it is going to be the first to demo a four core CPU, even if it is a hack. AMD has shown four ways as early as last October behind very closed doors, but this will be the first public showing. So congrats Intel, you won this round. ยต


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