Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Press Release: Super Talent Announces World's Fastest 2GB DDR2 Kits

Another reason to move to DDR2 technology. They just keeps getting better and better and better and better and better. No wonder, the other CPU maker is moving into this field. Too bad, unlike Intel® processors, those who will be migrating from their old CPU can not bring their favorite uber RAM since RAM technology is tied to the freaking CPU. Intel® have shown that integrated memory controller isn't the real deal (take a look at Banias, Dothan, and Yonah) for performance (hey, Intel® dropped Timna anyway).

Thru modular approach, users has more options to mix and match technology. For overclockers who love their CPUs and RAM, they can maintain to use the same CPU and RAM and just upgrade their motherboard. There's also an option to use newer CPU with older chipset which are proven stable (i.e. i865 chipset on LGA775, so this gives users the ability to use LGA775-based CPU with AGP and DDR1). Well, enough with the blah and click below for the full scoop.

Super Talent Announces World's Fastest 2GB DDR2 Kits

San Jose, California - February 13, 2006 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of DDR and DDR2 memory modules, today announced a new 800 Megahertz, 2 Gigabyte DDR2 memory kit. Super Talent's new T800UX2GC4 is a matched pair of 1GB PC2-6400 Low Latency DDR2 modules.

Super Talent engineers, after exhaustive testing, developed these modules from carefully screened components to deliver unmatched performance. This kit has been tested extensively in Super Talent's engineering labs on multiple enthusiast motherboards to ensure compatibility and reliability at very high clock speeds. Every T800UX2GC4 kit built is fully tested in a dual channel motherboard at 800MHz at 4-3-4-8 latencies to guarantee that it meets its spec.

Super Talent Marketing Manager, David Crume, said "This DDR2-800 kit is by far the fastest 2GB kit we've ever seen. It gives power users the best of speed, latency and density in one kit. The net result is unrivaled memory performance." Mr Crume continued, "Until now, enthusiasts have had to settle for either high memory clock speed or low latency, but we've answered both demands in one product."

Decked out with thermally bonded aluminum heat spreaders, these modules offer optimum thermal performance. Keeping critical components cool not only enhances performance, it also extends the life of the components. All Super Talent DRAM modules are backed by a lifetime warranty. T800UX2GC4 is available today from resellers worldwide.

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