Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tech Link (Storage): DDRdrive X1, a solid state storage using PCIe

As much as I'd like to put this techlink as a "RAM", it's not really used in that way. This is more like your virtual drive back in the good ol' DOS days where you allocate part of your RAM and turn it into a very very very fast floppy drive (or hard drive) or whatever you may want to call it. Gigabyte* released their I-RAM* technology before, and HyperOS Systems'* HyperDrive III* (yep, 3rd incarnation already) has done it as well.
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And now, a new player is coming to town to make the merry wishes of those who have the bucks come true which offers the same concept but different implementation. Gigabyte* I-RAM* technology uses the SATA ports (and the associated bandwidth) while HyperOS Systems'* HyperDrive III* uses the ATA port. This makes them like a virtual hard disk, I mean hey, you snuck them all on storage connectors, so logical thinking suggests they'd function as that. Then this new comer, sees the bottleneck (RAM can go faster than those storage bus anyway) and thought, hmm, why don't I just go directly to the newer spiffy PCI Express Bus? So there you go, the DDRdrive X1* is now born from DDRdrive.


Note: By the way, there's really not much to their site, except that particular product link.

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