Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra: Biostar's Performance Surprise

I guess this is like "Mid Fanboyism" or "FanBoyism in Half". At one hand, tjis a competitor's chipset, on the other, it fully supports Intel®. Well, I guess it's still all good. AMDTech seems very very vague about this board. At first, they are mentioning how crappy this board is and then, apparently, once the user knows how to tweak it, then it's like King of the Hill.

Well, who knows if what they have is just a cherry-picked board. It's not like they don't have NVIDIA* and Biostar* engineers working their behind to keep AMDTech happy. Hey, it's an advterisement, so both manufacturers should do good to support the reviewing site. Anyway, I'm not the type who likes a board that has a ""Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" quality".

Biostar along with NVIDIA had discovered issues with the original BIOS design and worked together in creating a highly optimized BIOS release that is at the center of the performance results generated by this board. While the performance is nothing less than astounding in certain benchmarks, it is also very average in others. The board has an almost "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" quality about it in configuration, performance, and options.


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