Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): EPoX EP-5NVA+ SLI nForce4 Intel Motherboard Review

I've been busy so I am not able to scan my news bits properly. Anyway, here's a quick tidbit of info to spice up your review taste buds. It's an EPoX* motherboard, based on NVIDIA* chipset. This board tick my interest due to a pretty cool features, one of which is a SATA-PATA adapter.
Image owned by reviewer site
Connectivity is very good that includes Firewire, and a SATA-PATA adapter for a 5th SATA channel which are features not found on most motherboards. The design of the board is thoughtful with built-on power and reset switches, a temperature probe, and a debug LED. You can also control your CPU fan and monitor your system health using the BIOS and the ThunderProbe software.


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