Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tech Link (Technology): Intel Core 2 Duo - Test

BEHardware have a very nice article, detailing a lot of many aspects of not just the upcoming processor but also looking back at the history and the legacy of the processor. They have done a really neat job with the review, with so many benchmark comparisons in a broad range of processors and applications. Expand for more...

Netburst is dead, and long live Core ! This is something Intel announced a little over a year ago. The Netburst architecture introduced with the Pentium 4 in November 2000 is now replaced by a new architecture called Core, available for desktop, mobile and server platforms.

Intel will release new Xeons in the days to come and at the end of July the Core 2 Duo LGA 775 processors. This is a great opportunity for to study the release of Core architecture but also the performances of the Core 2 Duo product line in practice.


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