Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): Date set for phase 2 of Intel's Core launch

There has been a lot of discussions, rumors, facts, mixed with so many other tid bits about Conroe and its released date. I am not one who would jump in and correct or point out the inconsistency, mainly because, I have direct information on them and I'd be breaching my NDA if I spill any info. Anyway, CNet has a news info about the launching of the much awaited and highly anticipated product from Chipzilla. Expand for more...

The Core 2 Duo will be unveiled at an event scheduled for July 27 at Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., a company spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Intel CEO Paul Otellini and other executives will be on hand to unveil the chip that marks the end of Intel's Pentium era.


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