Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tech Link (Platform): First Look : Tyan’s Tempest 5000X and 5000V Platforms

The folks at GamePC, one of my trusted site, got themselves busy running two Chipzilla server platforms. They seem pretty enthusiastic about this new platforms, I don't know, it could be just a FanBoyism in me kicking in or they are truly excited about this product. Decide for yourself, expand this news article, and take a gander.

Within the last two months, Intel has whipped their sagging Xeon product lineup into shape through a combination of new processor cores, new chipsets, new memory technologies, and generally a new approach at looking at the workstation and server markets. With their 5000-series and 5100-series processors delivering performance on par (and in many cases better) compared to AMD's Opteron processor lineup, the Xeon looks primed for a major comeback with high-end workstation users throughout 2006. The Opteron has dominated this field for quite a while now, but Xeon platforms have become much more attractive with Intel's new "Woodcrest" based Xeons, the use of high-bandwidth memory modules, and a series of new chipsets.


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