Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brag: Kentsfield, aka QuadCore CPU based on Intel® Core™, pulled in on Q4'06

Words are already crawling on the net about the QuadCore CPU for dekstop from Chipzilla. It is true, after hearing the conference call, that the launch is pulled in on Q4 of 2006. It is quite an interesting year for the FanBoyz since we'll be able to play with the latest and greatest and not having to wait for such a long time. Expand for more...

The onslaught of Chipzilla in the processor market has been continously pushing far deeper into the consumer market and enthusiasts. They have recently announced and launched the Woodcrest server, which is already available in the market and have great support from many OMS. The desktop counterpart, Conroe, is expected to be launched next week. Wow, great time, great time.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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