Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): Nvidia to soon provide SLI support to Intel

Digitimes posted that NVIDIA will soon provide SLI on Intel chipsets. Well, for the few that knows, it's just a matter of technicality. A few have been able to use the hacked drivers, and the developer has even told me that he already launched this hacked driver to the public. Hmm, I guess being out of touch of the enthuasiast tech news for a week is a bit too long as I certainly missed a lot of developments. Expand for more...

Now that it has the resources of AMD behind, ATI Technologies is confident that it will be able to produce more compact, faster GPUs while being to reach the channel more effectively, and the graphics chip maker has indicated its rival is now standing alone in the market.

However, industry sources have indicated that Nvidia will soon announce that it will allow support of its SLI technology on Intel's chipset platforms, with the two companies already having met to discuss the partnership.

Intel met with Nvidia recently to seek ways to avoid any negative impact sprouting from the recent merger between AMD and ATI , the sources indicated.

Source:Nvidia to soon provide SLI support to Intel

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Mvmajorem said...

Its about time.

I just hope it will support all Intel platforms but it looks like it is favoring the 975X.

At least this is the first step of things we wanted to come before the merger...