Monday, July 31, 2006

Rant: Futuremark @ blocked Conroe

There is a petition currently happening over at XtremeSystems about Conroe scores still being blocked. It was ok, well, not really ok, but acceptable that Conroe scores aren't allowed to be published since the CPU hasn't been announced (but even before, un-announced CPU scores were allowed to be posted), but since the embargo has been lifted and all announcement has been made, it's justifiable that the scores to be allowed for publishing (and ownage).

Of course, this is going to get a lot of AMDroids fuming since not even the top of the line FX-62 OCed till kingdom come can even get close to matching up even the measly middle-flavored Conroe system. Heck, I can almost hear AMDroids spewing useless comments about pricing, availability, and even linking to how Conroe performance numbers are rigged (hey, get over it, Shariku has been busted already). Wohoo, AMDroids sucks big time. And no, AMD* isn't your hero, they aren't selling cheap processors back then because they are bang for the buck, but because they suck. Enough with ranting for now, go and sign the petition...


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