Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rant: AMD users finally changing heart?

Recently, I have been seeing many AMD users planning or even drooling to have their hands on Conroe. Some even have jumped to the dark side, preparing with the motherboard and memory, ready for Conroe. Seems like there's a big change of heart for these users, and for a good reason. I still remember, how many AMD users were buying the A* CPUs because they are bang-for-the-buck rather than pure performance, wasn't it the war cry back in Socket A vs Socket 478? Many weren't buying Chipzilla CPU even if benchmark shows Chipzilla is winning, because of the so called bang-for-buck thingamajig? And then when cheaper PD 805 came, their song changed, it's all about "performance" and not "price" anymore.

On the other hand, Chipzilla users are used to the price already, so if the price lowered down, it was like a "bonus". If anything, AMD users (not AMDdroids, they are unchangeable) may have understood that, well, AMD wasn't lowering the price because they were a "nice" and "consumer-friendly" company. It's all about business strategy.

So yeah, changing heart isn't a bad timing, and you'd better change for good now. Once you get used to Chipzilla performance, there's no turning back. So long suckers, AMDroids suck!


Mvmajorem said...

A change of heart is not a bad thing, it is not just about price or performance, each person will have their own preferences regardless of whatever they maybe. At the end of the day, when competition drives prices down and creates better products, we all end up with better options which is good for the heart.

Manufactureres though should time their products to save our pockets. I just hate the video card wars. They get old fashioned as fast as mobile phones.

death_metal said...

Oh, I never it was a bad thing, nor even hinted that. Though, AMDroids sucks, but not AMD users. AMDroids <> AMD users.

I am merely "getting back" to those who have rallied AMD as their hero, their savior, their messiah, for offering a great bang-for-buck CPU in Socket 478 vs Socket A wars. Socket 478 won, the Northwood C is the peak of its stardom, and Athlon XP fell on its knees.

These two generation of processors, Athlon XP and Northwood C, belongs to the same generation of CPU, K7 and NetBurst (7th Generation). And it's clear who's the king of the hill.

AMDroids keeps singing that the price of Northwood doesn't justify the performance it offers, saying, a measly "increase in benchmark" numbers isn't going to improve anything. But these same AMDroids completely forgot their warcry, bang for the buck, and developed another war cry: pure performance and not price. It was never about who commands the better price, they are hating Intel like Intel robbed them of their money.

Look at who's against the Intel Pentium D 805 versus the cheapest dual core offering from AMD? These same people that scorns Intel, these same people that call Intel users as noobies.

Bah, and now, they have learned their lessons. AMD wasn't charging low price for their Athlon XP because AMD loves the people, for the people, and by the people. Now some AMD users saw the light, AMD ain't no saint they hoped it to be. If anything, AMD taught its own users, that Intel's pricing back then was justified.

And not even once have I been convinced that AMD had better products, they may produce better numbers during their glorious days, but it's not all about numbers. Warranty, support, and providing volumes and parts when it's needed is also important.

So AMDroids, you suck. And yes, I have deleted all your freaking comments.

Mvmajorem said...

Well, we have to take into consideration that all this is like a wheel. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down.

Intel has the upper hand, a big upper hand mind you, but maybe one day AMD will. Its a great battle. Although some are below the belt, as seen all over the place, it is great for the enthusiast community. More power to Intel. more power to the users... This time.

P.S. DM can you delete my first entry. Its a double post.