Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tech Link (Modding): Making P5WDH ready for Conroe: An Illustrative Guide

This is a cheat post, this is done on July 17 but I changed the date to July 15. So you know I am cheating this news post, read the my post on July 17 on why I was out, that is, if you're interested :). Anyway, FCG of XS has made a big effort in making a really great article about the new Conroe-based motherboard. If you have this board, and would like to push it to the extreme, this might help. Expand for more...

Making your Asus P5WDH (Deluxe) Ready for Conroe: An Illustrative Guide
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There's no doubt about it. Intel's new Core2 Duo "Conroe" has brought the enthusiast community interest to new, never before seen heights. Not in many years has there been such a monumental architectural change such as this one. Along with that change comes a new peak in performance. There's also no doubt about it; this new CPU family has gotten the attention of many new people, that well....don't have that much experience with "xtreme systems." We're here to help change that. Who may be our next XL in waiting.


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