Friday, July 07, 2006

Tech Link (Memory):High Speed DDR2: Buffalo and Crucial Deliver 1000+

AMDTech have a DDR2 memory on the testbench. It is amazing how they used Chipzilla CPU, despite the fact that they can always use AM2. Hmmm, fishy. In any case, what they got on the test bench is two cool RAM, man, 1000MHz of pure DDR2 power. Expand for more.

DDR2 is a subject whose time has finally come. AMD made the transition to AM2 on May 23rd, so the two main processor makers - AMD and Intel - are now both firmly in the DDR2 camp. While Intel moved to DDR2 with the introduction of Socket 775 (Socket T) almost two years ago, the average enthusiast has not really been too concerned with what Intel was using. AMD was clearly the performance leader and they used DDR. That means many enthusiasts have not paid much attention to DDR2, which has grown up quite a lot since it was first introduced. Now, of course, even AMD is using DDR2 and the Enthusiast world is getting ready to change again with the introduction of Core 2 Duo (or Conroe). Conroe is shaping up as the most significant processor introduction since Athlon64, and - you guessed it - we are still talking DDR2.


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