Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tech Link (Technology): Conroe vs. AM2: Memory & Performance

AMDTech just posted a comparative memory and performance between I* and A*, and guess what who won? They had some decent graphs and analysis there, so if you're wanting to spice up your heating appetite for this processor, avoid this review or you'll be drooling to get one now! Expand for more...

2.93GHz with DDR2-1067 Performance Comparison

It is clear enough that despite the poorer memory bandwidth, Core 2 Duo is the performance leader by a substantial margin at stock speeds. You have seen that in all of the results posted in this article. This conclusion will not satisfy all our readers, however. Many have theorized every incarnation of performance imaginable with AM2 having higher clock speed, higher bandwidth, or higher speed memory than it currently does.

Source:AMD Tech's Conroe vs. AM2: Memory & Performance

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