Monday, July 03, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): Abit AB9 Pro: A sneak peak at Intel's new P965 chipset

AMDTech had some quality time spent on the newest Abit* motherboard based on the soon-to-be-publick i965 chipset. The motherboard offers great features, and looks great too. I always loved Abit* products, so I am hoping that when the full blown review comes out, that it'll show its true powers. Expand for more.

As we mentioned in our Computex 2006 coverage, the rejuvenation of Abit was one of the more welcome surprises of the show. Abit was the top manufacturer of enthusiast level boards just a few short years ago and catered almost exclusively to the overclocking community. However, Abit found itself in serious trouble over the past couple of years as its product portfolio expanded to include video cards and a wide range of motherboards from the low end value segment to the upper end enthusiast sector. In essence, Abit tried to expand into areas where it did not have the manufacturing expertise or cost advantages to compete with the larger tier one manufacturers. As a result, Abit lost focus on its core competence, the enthusiast and overclocking market, and allowed DFI to become the number one brand name in an area where users are highly passionate about their products.


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