Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tech Link (Platform): Intel Woodcrest: the Birth of a New King

Several weeks ago, I posted an article regarding Woodcrest's performance that is currently posted over at THG. AMDTech followed suit and did their own benchmarking. They have thrown many tests, and, it looks like the folks at AMDTech are also having a change of heart, though I wouldn't trust these guys, specially their founder. If you fancy their style of review, go take a gander and expand this article...

For the past two years Intel has been holding workshops in Oregon, where they invite a few of the hardware sites to view their upcoming technology. In May of this year, AnandTech made their way up to Oregon to have a look at Woodcrest. While we were there we were presented with the normal marketing hoorah, what product launch is without that? But we also had some quite interesting presentations like Virtualization, and where Intel sees that market going (it's going sky-high for those that haven't been keeping up with it).

While in Oregon, we also took a look at a running Clovertown machine. Clovertown is the code name for Intel's quad-core chip, which is coming out in early 2007. It will be a drop-in part to most Woodcrest systems, running at 1066MHz FSB. How's that for upgradeability: 4-way to 8-way in under 20 minutes (your mileage may vary).


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