Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tech Link (Technology): Conroe Buying Guide: Feeding the Monster

I have been working on a similar concept, but I called my article as "build guide" rather than buying guide. I haven't read fully AMDtech's Buying Guide, only the first two pages, and they seem to be quite excited about it. I never liked their site, due to the fact that they were (or still are) AMDroids. In any case, check out their latest on their frontpage if you would like to get ready with the Conroe system. By the way, I am still "offline" for most of the time, and I am spending most of my time deleting AMDroid comments (yes, you suck) so sorry for lack of news posting and delayed my promise to bring some more Conroe reviews. Expand for more....

The last few weeks have been an amazing time in the computer business. Conroe, or Core 2 Duo to use the formal name, has captured all our attention with a combination of stock performance, overclocking capabilities, and value that is nothing short of breathtaking. Once the excitement settled down a bit, however, we realized that all the "Intel" rules had changed with the launch of Conroe.

First is the fact that while Core 2 Duo is Socket 775, it won't work in almost any existing Socket 775 (Socket T) motherboards. With the move to 65nm, the reduced voltage Conroe was designed for, and the greater need for stable power that Conroe requires, boards had to be redesigned to work with Conroe. The first and only board that was Conroe friendly was the Intel BadAxe, which was part of the launch of the last two NetBurst processors - 955EE and 975EE. Even with BadAxe you were not home free, since we soon learned that only BadAxe Revision 0304 or later would work with Conroe. In fact, everywhere we turned we were asking, "Will this work with Conroe?" If there was hesitation or a maybe, the answer was generally "No".


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