Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tech Link (Gaming): Rumble Roses XX

The folks over at bit-tech seems disappointed with the XBox 360* game Rumble Roses XX. While they do like the sexy, beautiful girls on skimpy outfit, the gameplay, as they say, seems not to cut it. But hey, not that I don't like pretty ladies, but I prefer looking at the real ones, or at least images and pictures of real people if I'd like to see cutie girls. Anyway, if you like to read more, expand the posting for more.

Oh dear God. So much flesh! No one could really be blamed for hoping that Rumble Roses XX on the Xbox 360 was going to be a really brilliant game. Actual awesome gameplay would give you the perfect excuse to buy it, but even if it were a truly great game most of us could admit that our motivation lay elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a very attractive lady pick up another very attractive lady, fling her to the ground and then squash her. Sorry, wrestling fans, if I just distilled your favourite sport down to banal simplicity, but that's exactly what Rumble Roses XX does, so tough titty… literally.


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