Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Intel Conroe X6800 4.75GHz + SLI 15,877 3D Mark 06!

VR-Zone managed to overclock a Chipzilla top-o-the-line CPU and hits an awesome 3DMark06* score of 15,877!!! This is by no means an easy task but an outstanding accomplishment. To the folks at VR-Zone, big congratulations to a job very well done! And oh, SLI isn't officially supported on Intel chipsets. Expand for more...

As both my X1900 cards are cold bugged, while making a waterchiller for the cards, I tried SLI on Intel 975 Bad-Axe Motherboard with 2 x Inno3D 7900GTX at safe clocks of 980/980MHz. The result with Intel Conroe X6800 @ 4.75GHz is amazing! It hits 15,877 3D Mark 06, with my first run!


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