Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brag: Retail Conroe XE6800 has reached end user's hands!

It is amazing how some store can dish out the retail box before the actual launch date, I guess maybe they can put more premium for these babies. Yes, these processors are highly sought for, and I'd say, the most highly anticipated product launch and release of all time in CPU history. While I feel it's great that some got their hand on it already, I feel bad that some store can break their embargo retail date. However, I am not really sure, maybe these stores got a go, oh well.

Anyway, remember that Sharikou guy who used Sciencemark to "bust" Conroe performance, saying it is a fraud and how Intel may have rigged the test benchmark (with which many AMDroids agreed without even using their brain)? redpriest, the developer of the benchmark that Sharikou guy used, is the one who actually "busted" Sharikou's proof and redpriest proved that Conroe is performing really, really, really, really, well! Oh, the reason why I mentioned redpriest is that, he's the guy who got XE6800 first (not that I don't have mine yet, *yay*, I'm such a braggart). Expand for more...

remember those links that were shown on Sunday? I took a leap of faith and ordered one from Cost Central.

I have it in my hands as we speak. I am going to isntall it into my rev 304 BadAxe. We'll see what happens afterwards =))))


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