Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tech Link (MoDT): AOpen MP945-VX SFF

The dogs over at Gruntville had some testing spree with a very attractive Mobile on Desktop platform (MoDT) based on AOpen MP945-VX. This is within the segment as an AOpen Mini PC MP915 I reviewed back in April. Anyway, this new platform suppors dual core system, so it's more powerful. Expand this article for more...

In the first of several reviews highlighting Intel’s’ Mobile on Desktop initiative, I will be looking at AOpen’s foray into the sub-miniature SFF systems – The MP945-VX.

First a little background:
Founded in 1996, AOpen was the first to deliver a 24x CD-ROM drive (1997)

The first “Colored” motherboard in pink the “AX3S Pro Sweet Kiss” (2000)
The first BareBook (Forerunner to the WhiteBook). (2001)
The first DVD+RW drive (2001)
The first XC Cube systems(2003)
The first Desktop Motherboard using the Intel Pentium M CPU - AOpen i855GMEm-LFS (2004)
The smallest Intel based PC, the Mini PC - code name: Pandora (2005)
The highest rated power supply, 700W (2005)

A full series of Intel Viiv platforms for digital home entertainment (2006)
This leads us to the newest sub-miniature SFF release from AOpen, the MP945-VX. This is an incredibly clean looking machine, reminiscent of the Apple Mini. It pulls away from the SFF crowd with an extremely small footprint, distinctive brushed aluminum case, High Definition 8 Channel Audio, Multi-TV out with 1080i resolution support and the ability to handle the T2700 CPU at 2.33ghz. The system is also Intel Viiv compliant which opens up a whole new area of multimedia benefits.
From the sleek brushed aluminum case, slot load DVD+RW, Integrated power button & indicator, 1080i resolution support, ingenious air flow design, Intel 945GM+ICH7M-DH and 667Mhz DDR2 RAM the MP945-VX is a truly innovative system.


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